Yearly Updates

30th January, 2012

I am so sorry that I have not been in to update my site for 2 whole years. I apologise for not keeping it up to date, but my life is so full, and my Breast Cancer seems such a long time ago now, and to be honest, I very rarely even think about it.

Since my last update, our family has grown even more of course.

We now have 12 children, 13 grand children and 2 great grand children, plus two more grand children on the way.

In April last year, our very good friends, Geoff and Lila took us on a 2 weeks, all expenses paid holiday to Fiji. It was absolutely wonderful and so much fun. We can't thank them enough. Apart from that, we have been on numerous Australian trips to visit kids and grandkids, all over Australia. Plus every July, Pete goes to Darwin to visit his kids who are up there, and then he goes to his kids million acre Wilderness Park called Lorella Springs, where his eldest son Rhett runs a tourist park. If you are ever up that way, you must go and visit.

At the moment we have 2 kids, 7 and a half grand children and 2 great grand children in Darwin (NT), 1 kid and 2 grandchildren in Brisbane (QLD), 1 kid and 2 grand children in Maryborough (QLD), 1 kid and 2 grand children in Melbourne (VIC), 2 kids in England, 1 kid in Adelaide, 4 kids and half a grand child in Sydney . So, you can see, we do get around a fair bit. Would love to get over to England to see the boys over there. Maybe someday.

I am still having regular mammograms, although probably not as often as I should, and everything is still perfectly clear after 17 years.

I am now 57, so getting older and my main problem is my Rheumatoid arthritis which has been with me constantly for the last 12 years. It is managed by medication, but I still have good and bad days with it.

My hubby Pete is just as gorgeous as ever and looks after me every single day. Thank you Pete. I love you so much. My wonderful Mum and Dad are still going well. Mum is 87 and Dad is 85, and although they do both have their medical problems, they are battling on quite well. They are so wonderful to all of their huge family and we love them dearly. They are expecting another 2 great grand children in July. If I have counted correctly, I think they have - 4 children, 13 Grand children and 17 and 2 halves great grand children, not to mention a whole heap of steps, thanks to my Pete.

My beautiful brothers, Pete and Jeff and Sister Jan and their families are all going well. I guess we all have problems in life that have to be dealt with, but we battle on.

I understand that everyone who has found my site, is either looking for some sort of hope for either themselves or someone they love. I hope that this site does help you all in some way, and show you that there is life after breast cancer. I know the battle is tough, and if you were like me, you thought you were going to die, however, there are very few people who die of breast cancer these days and it is even much better odds now than when I had it 17 years ago.

As you know, if you have read my story, I was pregnant with Jess when I had the cancer, and as you can see in the photos to the right, she has turned out to be a beautiful young lady. 

Please have a look at the link below which takes you to my updates for previous years, and you can see a bit of her journey through life.

I am indeed a very lucky lady. I have a huge family who I love dearly, and so many wonderful friends who we make sure that we see regularly. 

I hope that writing this every couple of years, gives you all hope, and I promise I will try and do my updates more often.

My email address is below. Please contact me if you have any questions, or if I can be of some support or help to you or your friends or family.

Have a great year - have a great life. Be strong, you may be doing it tough at the moment but I promise you, it does get better.

Sue Walker


Me in Fiji Pete in Fiji


Jess All of us in Fiji


Jess Jess


My beautiful parents with one of their new great grand children - Tim


My daughter Katherine (30) with her 2 boys Ben (2) and Harry (11 months) My son-in-law Andrew with his 2 boys Ben (2) and Harry (11 months)


Pete's son Nathan (25) and his girlfriend Renee

I will be adding more photos of the family here soon


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